Structural Steel Rolling

Our structural steel rolling machines have the capability of rolling:

  • Angle iron to produce radii in 1 x 1 x 1/8” angle up to 8 x 8 x 1” angle.
  • Wide flange beam, I beam and channel iron up to 18” section the easy way.
  • Beams and channels up to 10” section the hard way.

Please see our capacity chart for additional profile and size capacities


With our pipe rolling dies our capacity is from ½” diameter up to 10” diameter. The minimum radius that can be achieved is relative to the size of pipe being rolled.

The ability to provide multiple bends in one length of pipe, including large roll radii and smaller roll radii, minimizes the number of joints needed.

Shearing & Forming

In our shearing and forming department we have the capacity to shear and brake up to 10’ long with a maximum thickness of 3/8”

Our typical shear and brake work consists of manufacturing stairpans, door jamb channels and more. We will shear customers material to sizes specified including wire mesh, expanded metal and perforated sheet.

Capacity Chart

As with all processes the capacity chart indicates optimum conditions.  However, we are able to provide sizes outside of the chart depending on material size and restrictions.

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